Investment Management

GenTrust was originally formed on the premise that the rigor and accountability that was commonplace in institutional investing did not exist in the world of private wealth management.

During the development of our investment strategies, most of which were in response to needs of highly sophisticated investors who are principals at hedge funds and private equity firms, GenTrust realized there was very strong demand for these cutting edge strategies from institutional investors who were being underserved by asset management firms creating “me too” products that fell short of expectations.

GenTrust’s institutional clients include central banks, corporate treasuries, foundations and endowments.  While each institutional account is completely customized to the client’s needs, the available strategies which GenTrust offers fall into a few broad categories:

  • Fixed Income Management – GenTrust’s investment team has extensive experience in fixed income, allowing it to build bespoke portfolios for its clients.
  • Risk Parity Portfolios – GenTrust has created a strategy which gives investors access to a risk customized and broadly diversified portfolio of low-cost investments balanced across various macroeconomic risk factors.
  • Alternative Beta Strategies – GenTrust has developed a liquid alternative beta strategy in which GenTrust systematically trades options for its investors to allow them to benefit from short and long term inefficiencies in the pricing of option volatility.
  • Alternative Investments – GenTrust’s affiliate, Catenary Alternatives Asset Management, provides clients with exposure to alternative investment strategies that seek to improve total portfolio performance by producing returns that are truly uncorrelated to traditional asset classes (equity and fixed income) even in times of market stress.

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